Why a Blog?

1 minute read

This website has an odd format. Profile off to the side, a few lines of text, but mostly just empty space. Why? Who creates a blog with no content? Well, I do. I’ve turned my main webpage into this blog format in the hopes of pushing myself towards one of my goals as a developer: stewardship. Early on in my career, I was a part of a brand new company still forming its identity, both its brand and its culture. We talked a lot about culture, about image, and most of all, about values. My boss convinced me that stewardship is a pinnacle virtue in the tech industry. That is, taking what you’ve learned and not only gaining from it yourself, but helping others to learn and gain from that knowledge.

Since that conversation, I’ve wanted to have a development blog. A place where, after finally managing to comprehend a tricky topic, I can try to rephrase the explanation in the way that made it “click” for me. Currently, as a student, with a job, etc, I don’t have the spare time to manage such a blog. Yet, I will make my website this blog, as a reminder to one day fulfill that goal, and represent the value of stewardship in industry.